I'm Tired

This week I feel like I'm drowning and can barely make it up for air.  I am oversleeping, I'm tired all the time... I just feel like maybe, just maybe I'm doing too much.  While sitting at my desk yesterday I figured out that in two weeks I'll be skating 7 days a week. I went from trying to be done with coaching to 7 days a week in like no time.  I think it took me 6 weeks to get back to this.  And I'm working on booking up my March Calendar for Stella & Dot Trunk Shows, and we'll be home 2 weekends in March as well so needless to say... I'm busy.  <--- This reminds me of Sally O'Malley (SNL Molly Shannon) saying I'm Fifty! And I like to Kick, Jump, and Kick!  I'm Fifty!  So make sure you read it like that!  ;)

Example of Group Lessons
This is what I do.
 Don't get me wrong, I love skating, but the rink is kind of draining.  There's constant drama on who likes who and who's working for who and what sessions are available and have or haven't been cancelled yet AND that's just the rink side.  Then you have the parents (thankfully all mine are just fine) wondering why the rink may have cancelled something or why hockey gets the good ice and we don't <--although I'd argue this one because my husband has a hockey practice that starts at 9:15pm and I will just put it out there right now... I would never do that on a regular basis--> or how the lesson went or when there is a competition and where it is.  It's just like a roller coaster of emotions... now 7 days a week. 

And it's not like I'm there forever each day... usually about an hour.  Fridays and Saturdays I do three and four hours, but I feel like at some point I'm going to burn out.  I might be there already... we shall see.

On top of that... You all know that I'm a Stylist with Stella & Dot.  I love the jewelry.  I joined so I could wear the jewelry and get it for FREE!  I love the women on my team and those on others.  I love the friendships that I see forming.  I love that it's such a fresh new company and I love being a part of it... I feel like I'm always doing something for it.  Not everyone is like that AND I know I'm not, but I put the hours in during my "free" time like lunch hours or right after dinner or directly from skating.  I love doing trunk shows.  They are so fun!  I love everything about this company and this new venture of mine so I WILL NOT GIVE IT UP... even if it means that I have to get out of my comfort zone and talk to strangers or work a little harder to book a trunk show or stay up late to put orders in... I love it!  I love everything about it!  Did I say I love it?  Why do you think I'm always sharing about it? 

It's just that looking at my schedule I work about 40 hours at my full time job with CBP, I work about 12 hours skating, and I work about 10 hours a week just doing random S&D stuff.  It adds up.  And the 12 hours skating does not include the numerous emails that I'm sending, responding to, and rifling through to make sure everything is covered and everyone knows what's going on.  :)

This is why I initially started this blog.  To vent.  So thanks for letting me. 
I'm just wondering... when does it get easier?  Ever?  I'm starting to think not.  That's OK.  I'll forge through. 
Does there come a point where you REALLY have to let go of something?!  And how do you choose...?
Little Vents and food for thought today.... Hope I didn't bore too much! 

At least it's Thursday!

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