Nursery Progress { DIY Mobile Part Two }

Ok, so please don't judge these pictures...
My back was killing me and I was sitting in a chair so I just decided to do the project on the ottoman! 
Haha... The ways that I craft as a prego...

Anyways, I did make a little more progress on my DIY mobile the other night!

I had all the little 'dots' that I had cut out previously just ready and waiting.
I plugged in my glue gun and I was ready to go!

I just decided to use fishing wire to give more of a floating look.
I cut five pieces the same length and put one set of circles on each end. 

I just took the circles (2 of same color) and put a line of glue on one circle's backside, stuck the fishing wire in there, and then slapped the other circle on with colors facing out (obviously).

Then I just guestimated on the spacing.  I started to measure, but I figured since they weren't too long anyways, I could eyeball it and everything would be ok.  And if it wasn't, then I could just start over...

Well, I didn't get it finished because I ran out of 'dots' so I need to run to Home Depot and grab some more paint samples.  I wonder if they get upset that the paint samples go out so quickly?  Hmmm...
Once I get more, I'll get to cutting and get to finishing! 

Anyways, here's the preview that I sent to my mom and sister!
Again, don't judge the picture!  This is on my blackberry with the evening light at my house. 

Can't wait to show you the finished project!!!

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