O'Verlays { The Ultimate Ikea Hack }

How many of you out there own some piece of Ikea furniture? 
Probably a dresser or bookcase...
Mabye a table or two - end or coffee.

Or maybe I should rephrase my question... how many of you HAVE owned a piece of Ikea furniture if it's not still living in your house right now?  And how many of you have either changed or would love to change the plain jane piece that is lurking in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom?

Ummm... Yesssss Puhlease!

Mr. K and I have probably owned at least 5 pieces of which, 4 are still in our home at the moment.  Here's what we have...

Ikea Lilberg Sofa - Updated.
I dyed the white slipcovers brown.
Still sits in our loft - I LOVE THIS SOFA for whatever reason.

Ikea Ektorp Chair - Plain Jane.
Still white.
Sits in our loft.

Ikea Levsvik Rack/Bench - Plain Jane.
Used as our TV Stand.
Sits in our living room.

Ikea Malm Dresser - Plain Jane.
Broken, but still used {LOL}.
Sits in our mismatched Master.

Recently I've been wanting to move the dresser to another area of our home...
I don't know where, but it really needs a makeover first...

I'd like it to look something like this:


Or this:

O'verlays: blue & gold RAST

Or maybe really like this one that Amanda did over at Amanda Carol at Home:
Yes, I really like this one.

 Well, now there's an economical way to do this!  With O'Verlays!  They are O'Verlay Fretwork Panels that are sized to fit Ikea furniture and were created by Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things and Cheryl of The Whole Nine Yards.  All these sassy bloggers are AMAZING!

I need to get my entreprenurial and creative skills flowing to make my millions now!
Off to work...

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