Halloweeny - Decor at Our House

Lately I've been in what some might call a "nesting" state. 

I keep wanting to do things around the house... paint, clean, decorate.

So this week, while Mr. K was at hockey practice, I actually decided to decorate the inside of our house for Halloween.  Here's what I did!

I actually found all these items for under $10 at Walmart! 
Sticky Bats on the mirrors
Spider Web left over from last year
Black Roses

And you may notice the little black skull towards the bottom right corner along with a tombstone and some spiders in a vase! 

I've never decorated the inside like this before, but it was actually REALLY FUN!  I can't wait to add to the collection!  Maybe tomorrow night we'll start the outside! 

There are actually cockroaches in a glass vase behind the cobweb here... kinda hard to see. 

These are some Crate and Barrel votive holders that we got as a wedding gift which I love, but have never really used before!  They are perfect here!  I am hoping to light them some night soon for a little ambiance! 

And the pumpkins are old - like 3 years - from TJ Maxx.  Just a little fall touch.

And I couldn't forget to do the secretary!  Bats again and cobwebs!  Love the cobwebs! 

Not too shabby.   

I'd still like to get a hold of some candy corns for some vase fillers and to make a wreath for the door!  I need a cute Halloween Wreath.

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