Chairs for Libby {Part One}

Mr. K and I have had these two IKEA chairs for almost six years probably.  They worked really well in a room we used as an office in our house in Broadripple.  We needed some cheap seating and what better than IKEA for cheap seating?!? 

So we purchased two chairs that were discontinued or maybe floor samples and took them home with us.  They didn't have any fabric on them.  They were the bare chair.  I found this fabric at Walmart at the time and did a little upholstering and voila.  Nice new chairs for under $50. 

Now, however, we have no place for them.  We've acquired other things over the years and we've outgrown these chairs.  They've had barely any wear and tear over the years so I hated to part with them.  But this summer, my sister said she'd like them for her college dorm/apartment.  YAY!!!

She was going to take them down this summer, but that girl has more clothes than I've ever seen and they barely fit in her car for the ride back to Memphis so these chairs were definitely not going anywhere!  We are going to drop them off when we go visit her in a couple of weeks!

So... here's what we started with!

I took the cushions off the frame (hoping I can figure out how they go back on...) and was ready to rip away. 

The frame above is nothing to look at by itself. 

I took the fabric off, staple by staple.

Until I had this! 
Voila - Blank Slate!

Lib had picked this fabric out at JoAnn
It's actually indoor/outdoor fabric in case they end up sitting on their porch. 
Good Idea!

I made my way around the cushions with the new fabric.  I kinda have a couple questionable corners, but I think she'll be fine with them.  Plus with this pattern, I don't think anyone will be interrogating the corners!

And here's what the final cushions look like. 

Next week (when I get both of them done) I'll show you the final result! 

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