Nursery Progress { Painting }

This weekend we made a little (more) progress on the nursery.  I've been meaning to share this for a week or so now, but my life has been crazy lately.  I had a skating competition this weekend and that made me unavailable for the entire day Saturday, but Sunday we got a few (more) things done. 

Painting actually happened a week or so ago, but we'll just let that one slide for now.  The important thing is that I'm sharing... whether it's late or not!  ;)

Here's how it went down.

I went to Lowe's to find the perfect gray for my perfect little baby's room.  Well, let me tell you, that's not as easy as you think it would be.  There are only about a billion different grays... some are blue grays, some are brown grays, some are more white than gray... needless to say it became a process.  So instead of deciding right on the spot, I learned from the previous gray in there that I should see what they looked like in the room with the lighting. 

{Yes, you read that right - previous gray!  I had actually painted the room Elephant Gray when we first moved in.  I'd always wished it were a little more "GRAY" than blue, but I figured our first born would be a boy so I didn't think much of it... oops!}

After bringing home over 16 different colors... I had Mr. K mark his favorites. 
He marked one of the same ones I liked so we were set. 

Secret Passage it was...

Here's what the room had turned into since we moved out the furniture.  Remember when it used to be our office?  Yea... well, that's all in the loft at the moment.  More on that another time.  It's a wee bit crowded in there. 

Anyways, I cleaned it all out and we were left with a blank, empty, and baby bluish room.  Probably not going to work for a baby girl.  I probably could have made it work, but where's the fun in that!  Making my husband who hates painting, help me paint is so much more fun! 

So we patched up the walls and took the big Kellermeyer Jersey down.  Mr. K still is unsure why it is not appropriate for the nursery.  I swear... some guys!

Then I trimmed and Mr. K was supposed to paint the walls!
Can you see the difference?  There really is a difference, although, not much. 

Here's a better picture to see a little bit of the remaining Elephant Gray vs Secret Passage.  Secret Passage wins hands down. 

We are still:
  • Waiting on the Crib
  • Trying to find the right dresser
  • Going to fix up the closet
  • Deciding what to do with the Rocker
And a couple of other projects that we'll have to figure out, but at least we are making progress.  This weekend, Mr. K finished touching up the room and we moved my Rocker and the baby Rocker into the room.  At least there are some baby products in there although not many! 

Until the next update!

Happy Monday!

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Rachel McPhillips said...

Gray is a hard color!! I wanted more of an elephant gray in my office and it's definitely a blue gray.. sigh. Can't wait to see what the nursery looks like when it's finished!

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