First Baby Cakes Dream { The Bump }

The other night I had my first dream about the babe...

It was a weird one although, not too weird other than the setting.  We were at a home of some friends who I used to watch their children.  The girls were around (the four that I nannied for) the house playing.  Mary, the mom, was in the kitchen.  Mike, the dad, was in the office.  Typical places for them to be.  Although it wasn't their house.  I mean it was in the dream, but it was more of a dream house than what they live in...although their houses could be my dream homes ANYTIME!!! 

Mr. K and I were standing in the kitchen with Mary and I was holding the babe.  I don't remember hearing a name, but I do remember hearing a date... how funny is that?  Apparently in the dream I had the babe early... a little over a month early, but she was fine and chunky and cute as can be.  Dec 27th is what we told Mary and Mike her birthday was. 

Maybe this is my cue to get excited. 
I keep thinking about the sweet cheeks on her face and how pudgy they were!  They reminded me of my cheeks from when I was a baby. 

Mr K was born early so we shall see what comes, but I figured I should document this one. 

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