Organizing my Jewelry

Good Monday Morning Blog Hogs! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  The weather here was just about perfect and all weekend!  It was supposed to rain yesterday, but ended up being beautiful! 

So beautiful in fact that I ended up cleaning my closet... yep, you heard that right... cleaning my closet when it was a perfect fall weekend in Indiana!  How many of those come around?!?  Believe me, they are rare!  So rare that this week we are supposed to go from 70s today and tomorrow to the 40s.  Yep, you read that right as well! 

It all started because I can never find anything and I am trying to get organized...
Mr. K thinks I must be nesting... but if it doesn't get done now, when will it get done? 

So I finished up the laundry, organized the clothes in my closet, ridded ourselves of four FULL bags of clothes for Goodwill, and then it was time to go through all the items that make their way to the top of my dresser and nightstand - i.e. Jewelry.

I've seen a few people do this over time and I figured it would be the easiest and most practical thing for me to do with my jewels.  Since I occasionally have to take the jewelry places for trunk shows I needed it to be easily accessible on a daily basis as well as for when it needed to be packed up!

Here are a few pieces I've seen that are almost the same idea:

A very simple idea that looks to work well for smaller jewelry.


I really like this one with the idea to paint it black!  I could possibly use my old cork board that I redid last year for our office that is no more... if it would fit on a wall in my closet.

 Or this idea where she just used little clear clips that you push on the the door!  I like this idea for larger, longer necklaces that can get heavy. 

I went to Michael's and picked up a set of four cork board squares - $12.99 but used a 40% off coupon to cut that in almost half and I had some T-pins from previous trunk/bridal shows. 

Here's the back of my closet door before:

And after:

Now, this isn't all my jewelry, but the most worn.  I'm thinking about moving a smaller table into the corner in there for some more functioning space for larger pieces and or anything else. 

What do you think?
So far it's been working... I actually kind of love it.  I can see everything and I have a place to hang things so they don't get tangled.

Now... on to the other closets!

Happy Monday!

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