Halloween Progress @ The Kellermeyers

We are slowly but surely making progress at our house for Halloween. 

Honestly, I'm usually not into it.  Mr. K is the one who's always ready to add more and get more gory and gross.  I'm more about the Christmas decor... but this year, it's a whole 'nother story!  I've been seeking out new pieces, ideas, and definitely ready to add to our already a little bit sickening display.  I'm like a little kid in a costume store!!! 

Last Saturday evening we took our time, putting the lights up around the pillars on our porch and working with our furry spiders to make sure they were placed appropriately.  We even put up Rodger and worked on Miss Kim a bit (more on them to come later) but I felt like something was missing...

I thought, what if we lined our walkway with like torches or flames of some sort - and the search began.  Mr. K thought it would look terrible, but I just thought it might be something different and neat! 

A big shout out to my homie, Martha Stewart, and to my new favorite store Grandin Road for carrying the most awesome Halloween decor ever!  Don't worry, we'll for sure be sale shopping their website after this weekend... hoping for some REALLY GREAT MARKDOWNS!!! 

Anyways, I found these flicker flame lights and we lighted our walkway...
What do you think?

I feel like they are a pathway to a fiery dungeon or something. 

This picture is a little scary...where's it leading?!?
And here's Spidey... He is waiting for us to put up the rest of the decor so his friend can be with him!   

We still have a large spider web to add, a ghost, our graves, and some other pieces from last year like Roger and the Monster Box.  But with us both being on the ice like 5-6 days a week and working 40 hrs a week on top of that, our progress coming along. 

This weekend we should be done! And I'm picking up a HUGE bat to hang somewhere from my mom! 
Mr. K was so excited when she offered that!  He couldn't believe they were holding out on him! 

Can't wait to share!

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