Thrifty Thursday { Nursery Dresser }

I really wanted a mid-century modern dresser for the nursery.  One that looks like this.  This is my ideal dresser.

Refinished Mid-Century Retro Dresser

I think I love it.  I love the two-tone.  That's what the crib will be.  And I think this one would match just nicely.  However, this one is from the Etsy Shop She'z Crafty and at $499 a little out of my price range.  Remember we are doing this nursery on a BUDGET!!!

So I've been scouring the Internet - eBay, craigslist, you name it - for a mid-century modern dresser or even a danish modern dresser.  I don't want anything elaborate and I'm even willing to do some staining and painting if necessary. 

Then I found this in my parents little city on Craigslist. 

image 0image 1
It's so similar to the one pictured above that it's almost eerie.  A little paint on the top, and a little stain on the bottom and I think it would be close.  BUT then I got to thinking... I'm sure I can find something down this way... even though it's only 2 hours away, it's still troublesome to transfer furniture and especially since Winter is creeping up on us!  You never know what kinds of weather you'll get here in Indiana and when!  Not a bad price though, $130 for the long low one.  The other they want an additional $80 for. 

So I continued to scour the Indianapolis Craigslist and EBay to see if I couldn't find something better, comparable, or even just something that would work. 

I came across a website for a furniture resale shop here in the city.  Love it!  Domistyle!  First of all, they have about five items I need/want!  Including these dressers... I know it's not a great picture.


They would totally work... right? 
And I really just need the lower longer one and they are asking $150 for the dresser and mirror.  They are asking $99.95 for the tall boy chest. 

After comparing the ones in Indy at the resale and the ones in where my parents live, I decided to give the Indy Craigslist one more shot.  And I came across these...

image 0image 1
Nothing like what I was looking for originally but I do like the cane look.  i think they look actually kind of quaint and semi nursery like.  ha ha.  And I figure they can grow with the babe, right?  It's a dresser and a nightstand and you are going to die, but as you may or may not be able to tell from the picture, they are a pale yellow.  And probably the best part is that they are asking $85 for both pieces! 

And then I saw what Natty did to her EXACT SAME DRESSER over at Natty by Design...



Dear Mr. K,
I know I told you that we might not have to paint this one, but really can't you see it in a high gloss white!!!  Or maybe even a plum or turquoise?!?  WOWZA!!!
I might have lied to you.
Your Pregnant Wife

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Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

That's a terrific find! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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