Chairs for Libby {Part Two}

Remember when I was redoing those chairs for my sister? 

Well, after much delay because I forgot to take a picture when we were down there and then she took forever to send one to me, here they are!!!  They actually turned out very nice.  She and her girlies/roomies decided to put them on the porch with a cute little IKEA table. 

What do you think? 

I know the picture quality is not good, but let's be real... I asked a 21 year old college student to do it for me!  I did think she'd have a better eye, but oh well... That'll teach me to leave without a picture!

Ps... see the paint on the cement?  There's a story behind that... The campus police almost gave them a coronary because they told them they had to remove it or pay $600.  Do you know how much money $600 is to a college student?!?  TONS!!! 

Anyways, I know it's not the greatest picture, but it works AND they are done!!!  YAY!!!  And out of my garage so I can park in it now that it's getting cold!  :)

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