Favorite Things { Keurig Coffee Maker }

Ahh... The Keurig...
A quick cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate whenever you want one! 

This is one of the best things out there (besides Starbucks)!

We got ours for a couple years ago for Christmas!  Love it!  The only downfall is the fact that if you like coffee like I do, you are constantly buying K-Cups!  Still worth it!

It's perfect for just a quick cup or if you are only planning on having one OR if you are hosting a party or something and you want to offer a variety!  This way you are able to accomplish all of those with one machine!  Again, love it!

And now you can get Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks K-Cups!!! 


We switched to a full brewer because we couldn't get either of those coffees in K-Cups, but I think it's time to go back to the Keurig full time! 

Anyone else love a Keurig?!

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