-- Hello Gorgeous!!! --

One day at the end of last month I woke up and thought --

Uh Oh! I'm getting Married!  What will I do when this is all over?!?!"
Plan Weddings? -- No, I think I'll take a break. 
Tend to a garden? -- No, No yard.
Get a new puppy? -- Mike won't let me. 
No.  No.  No.  I think I'll try something a bit on and a bit off of my radar! 

Say hello to

A Sassafrass Jewelry Line for the working woman who loves to accessorize!  I'm going to try it and see what happens...

Dumm Dummm Dummm (Think big loud drums.... not like price is right incorrect price or loser sound)
Yes, we'll just see...

Check out their line at here or if you want to host a trunk show or something, contact me at abigail.hake@gmail.com

I mean seriously...I have 39 days to line up the rest of my life after I get married, right?  I better get going! 

All images from www.stelladot.com except frown

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