-- Fried Chicken --

Well, Mr. K is actually being helpful...that's Mike if you are new to reading this blog. He's cleaning 1 room in the house this week everyday. Last night was our bathroom. And he actually did a pretty good job of it...

Minus the fact that he didn't put any of the things that he took out into our bedroom while he cleaned in back into the bathroom, but I guess we'll let that one slide this time. Hey...the tub is clean, right?! I have to look at the bright side!

Speaking of bright sides...lets talk tanning. I know, cleaning to tanning...strange segway, but I'm doing it none-the-less! ha ha. So we bought a tanning package and of course I've been so busy that I've been all of 3x. My whole thing is, I don't want to look like fried chicken, but more of a glowing bride, right?! I feel like my upper body has that glowy feel, but not my legs... Anyone have thoughts on how to get your legs tan? Esp for when we go on our honeymoon. Aruba does not want to see these white thighs. 

Also, are there any readers out there? Did I tell you about our honeymoon yet? I'm getting ready to double check our plans and I thought that might be a nice little blog set for tomorrow, but I'm seriously losing my mind so if I did, I don't want to do it again. Blah Blah...here I go blabbering again.

Loving my new jewelry. If you need anything to wear for summer weddings, you can find it here.  I recommend the Collette or the Rachel for the "Little Black Dresses" I know you are all wearing to the summer weddings...  I'm sure I'll see plenty at mine.  Or if you have a nice hot pink or orange dress then I recommend Garden Party!  LOVE!!! 

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 23

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