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Today I was looking at my registries thinking... Hmm...should I add more?  Do more people bring gifts to a wedding or cash?  I don't know.  Some people have told me that people usually bring cash, but then I know that others have said people think you want everything on your registries so they look there as well.  I don't know.  Thoughts???

I feel like there isn't really that much stuff that we NEED. We need upgrades on a lot of things and you can't put a screen door, fence, and patio on a registry!  lol.  So I guess I'll wait and see.  They say you should have 2-3 items for each guest that is coming...I definitely don't have that (sorry guests)!  It's just hard when there aren't things that you really NEED.  I'm a needer, not a wanter.  Usually... I do WANT my patio, fence, and screen door, but they will all come after the wedding. 

How many items did you put on your registry or registries?  Here's what I have...  I know it's not enough, but I can't just put crazy things I don't want OR need.  Ya know?
Target - 19 and gift cards -- definitely could add to this one
BBB -  82
Crate and Barrel -  33 

I can't wait for these bills to be done with!  Wedding day bills are kinda sucky!  They make it impossible to plan for other things...OH, that's right...you are supposed to be planning for your wedding, not the 50 other things that I'm doing!  ha ha. 

This weekend we are going home to visit the parentals (yes, I was just home last weekend) and for Father's day.  I hope everything goes smoothly because it will be a short trip!  Saturday evening to Sunday evening.  Those are the worst.  You try to fit in both families on a semi-holiday weekend during less than 24 hours...yea, that's what I though.  The worst!  Oh well, it is what it is! 

Days remaining of unwedded bliss - 28

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Anna Patricia said...

Hi! I just finished my wedding and I had about 175 guests... I had 5 registries and picked A LOT of items... I was surprised that people gave double gifts from the registry! I upgraded things too since my home is fully furnished/equipped. People also gave cash.

It was very stressful planning the wedding but people always tell me, "Don't worry, wait until the gifts come pouring in" and it's pretty much true :) Good luck and have a fun wedding! Best wishes!


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