-- Hoping for Some Smooth Sale-ing --

My sister came down this weekend to help me with our community garage sale!  Well initially she came down to help me then it worked out that I actually have to work a half day today and give lessons so really, she's on her own.  We also used her as a chauffeur yesterday!  ha ha. 

But we were up until past 12:30 last night with marking and organizing and whatnot!  I'm hoping this thing isn't a bust!  Plus it's supposed to rain. "T-storms go away, come again another day, little Abby wants to have a good selling day!"  I don't know if I've ever shown a picture of my house before, but our garage is in the back...

(Please don't judge that the last picture I have of my house is snowy! Now I'm going to go home and take a picture of it now because my plants look so good....I'm so proud of all my bargains from last year!!!)

See... you can't see a garage.  So we have to have signs that say HUGE SALE IN BACK!!!  I'm hoping they'll walk around!!!  And I'm hoping they don't step in dog doo on the way!  lol

Last weekend I went home to my mom's house to meet with the church musical coordinator and (that's another story...maybe tomorrow) while I was up there, I went through their house for anything and everything they could get rid of.  I wouldn't say they are collectors or pack rats or anything like that, but they had four kids for goodness sakes and there was just a lot of stuff that needed to be gone through.  I also went through my Grandparent's basement specifically for items for the garage sale but also to help them actually get it out of their house!!!  The only deal is...ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T SELL IS GOING TO GOODWILL!!! 

The whole idea is to make a couple of bucks for the wedding if you are catching my drift!  So wish us luck and I hope it goes well because our garage sure is stocked full of SH***....  :)  Sorry kids.  But you know what they say, One person's trash is another person's treasure! 

Happy Hunting!

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