-- Diary of a Mad Bride --

One of my goals for this year was to read more... Well, I don't know how well that is going. I think I've finished 3 books in the last 6 months. I guess that's probably better than normal. 

Anyways, Diary of a Mad Bride by Lara Wolf was the perfect book to read leading up to this wedding. The last 60 pages of the book were completely relevant to MY wedding and I felt like Amy and I were in the same boat! Then I had to remind myself that we weren't friends and that she was a character in a book. Wow...but we've been together for like 3 months! lol. I kept opening up that book and I was right there with her with all the ups, downs, and laughs of the wedding planning process. 

Here is the synopsis of the book:
My wedding was starting in less than twenty minutes, and I was stuck in a 7-Eleven parking lot with popcorn kernels wedged in my gums and vanilla ice cream melting on my dress. It was a disaster too large to comprehend. After an agonizing year spent planning my wedding, could it really end like this? The voices chronicling a year of wedding hysteria swirled in my head....— My grandmother upon viewing my engagement ring. 
“What do you mean he gave you an emerald! Diamonds are eternal, emeralds say, maybe five years.
— My future father-in-law on the night of my engagement party:

“To a happy marriage and, if necessary, a painless divorce!”

— My best friend, Anita:

-"Oh, screw congratulations. Of course I’m happy for you. Stephen’s a major piece of ass and he’s got a sense of humor. Just as long as you’re certain this is what you want.”

Would I survive this day after all....?
I'm sure you'll love it!
I can't wait to read the follow up called Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be...but don't be getting any ideas!

Days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 22

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