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So yesterday I was checking my facebook as I usually do and I had also decided to post on my WC Brides page earlier in the day.  I posted my Thoughts on Bridal Jewelry entry just thinking it would be a great place to showcase the gorgeous jewels that I'm working with now.  I looked and I saw a post from the Wedding Chicks that said  -- http://www.weddingchicks.com/ -- Thoughts on Bridal Jewelry -- Posted by WC Bride Abby. 

I thought to myself, is that me?!?  Well, I guess it must be. 

That was fun for me today!  I was pretty excited when I saw it!  What a great little platform!  :)  Yay for me!


Thanks Josey and Amy! 

Days remaining of unwedded bliss (wink) -- 29

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