-- Still to do --

Does the list ever get shorter???

So I still need to get Mike a ring...better get that one done quick!  Well, he won't pick one...  And I still need to figure out what I'm doing for a guestbook.  I need go to my floral places and check on my orders since I'm doing all that myself. 

The flowers will be a lot like this but with those ivory ikea vase that I've shown before and brown painted milk vases.

Do you ever wonder why you chose to do the things you did?!  And think you knew you should have done things differently when you did them and wonder why you didn't do them the way you should have anyways?!  That's where I am right now.  Ugh.  I think that's why my list is so freaking long!  Because it's all me!  At least my sister is home now. 

I need to finish up programs now.  I need to figure out what's going on with the church and reception decor.  I need to make sure that we get the most awesome bridesmaid bouquets that I've ever seen finished!  They are absolutly so cool.  Cant' wait to share them!  And I can't wait to share the bouquet that my mom made for me either!  She's an absolute crafty genious!  I don't know why she doesn't do these all the time!

Look for these to be used! 

Get the marriage license, check on the honeymoon travel plans, figure out our song, send a song list to the dj, attend my bridal shower, purchase thank you cards, finalize bridesmaid accessories, finish up gifts, and that's it for now.  But the list keeps growing.  Can you tell I'm stressed?  Thank god for this Solodyn or I'd be breaking out all over!!! 

OH!!! And I need to tan...I'm whiter than a ghost! 

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