Getting Things Done... Or Not

So last night I really needed to do the following:

1. Lessons
2. Run
3. Clean my house for an Open House I'm hosting tonight
   ***In the Indy area?  Join me for a Stella-tini!   Email me!  :)
4. Set up my table scape for the Open House
5. Make sure all my supplies have labels and are presentable.
6. Blog
7. Sleep

Here's how they went:
1. Lessons - Check
2. Run - Check - On the Monon... it was so beautiful out AGAIN yesterday.
3. Clean House - FAIL
And you probably get the idea about the rest... FAIL, except for 7 which is what got in the way!

After my Run, I came home, had dinner, and basically fell asleep on the couch.  Oops!  Apparently I was tired.  So this morning, I got up at 4am to finish the rest.  Blogging fell to the wayside.  I feel like I'm failing on this end... So maybe after tonight I'll be able to get back on track. 

Happy Hump Day! 

PS... for real, if you are around town I'd love to have you over for a drink!  I'll have my jewels out and maybe say a few words about the company, but it'll really be more of a meet and greet and (a little bit late) Happy Hour!

And don't forget all the ways to enter different contests I'm having along with Stella & Dot! 
Check them out here

1 comment:

Kristina said...

Oh dear, I have had too many of those "need to get these things done" kind of days only to get a very partial list done! You'll get it all done! I hope your Stella-tini party is flawless!

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