Lofty Ideas

wWe have a loft space in our home.  It should be called the lost space since I'm so lost on what to do with it.  It's become a home for all things that have no where else to go right now... It holds our IKEA sofa that I'm finding it hard to part with (bought it when we lived in Broadripple and it was the only sofa-like seating to fit through the doors), another IKEA Chair (the ektorp), my ottoman coffee table, a tv, 2 end tables (un-matching), and a couple of old Pier 1 lamps. 

I'd like it to be someplace that fits in with my house, an eclectic mix of items, and Must Must Must coordinate with the chocolate brown that I hope to will be painting on the wall up the stairs and behind my gallery wall. 

So, here's what I came up with... not a cheap fix.  ALL new furniture.  :(  I bet I could be thrifty, but a sectional is a must!

I'm thinking that the sofa and chairs will need to be purchased, yes.  And what color should I paint this room... a tan yellow color?!  Hmmm....
BUT here's my thoughts on the rest:

*Yellow Garden Table - have one in plum already - will paint

*OUI - Will make myself on extra large canvas to hang over sofa

*Curtains - either purchase or make with my lovely witch stitchery stuff

*Lamps on Wall - From IKEA .  Have I told you of my love of IKEA?

*TV Stand - I am totally sure that I can find something on Craigslist that I can make look like this...
Yes? No? Maybe? What do you think?

*Rug - It might have to go in the category with the furniture. 

Ideally, I'd like to try to keep it under $1200 for all... do you think I can do it?!?  Yes, I can!  We shall see... don't worry... it's not like I'm starting it next week or anything...

To do list:
Paint Stairwell
Gallery Wall
Paint Guest Bedroom
Redo Trunk (from yesterday's post)
Kitchen Bench Seat

Then I'll be about done and it'll probably be time to move, right?!

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