Great Grandma Gigi

Our sitter has been out on vacation for three weeks.  I'm missing her desperately. 
Along with that, our skating schedules changed for the summer. 
So, we've had company at our house for the last three weeks. 

Week One - Grandma Darla
Week Two - Aunt Libby
Week Three - Grandma Darla

When we are in need of a sitter, we've usually been packing Ells up and taking her to my grandma's house, Ells Gigi.  She's her Great Grandma AND technically GG because she was our Grandma G*.


But with the company at our house, I guess you could say between our schedules and our replacement sitters not seeing Ells very often, they were hogging her. 

So the other night Gigi pulled up in front of our house. 
I had just been saying how she had to be having Ella withdrawals and there they were.

Apparently she told my mom she can't get enough of her. 
I think it's good for her.  Keeps her young.
Although, she's already a very young great grandma or at least doesn't seem her age yet.
I think she keeps running from it, her age that is. 
If it wants to find her, it would probably find her in Chico's or Starbucks.
They know her by name.

And Ells just adores her!

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