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OK... Maybe I'm being too picky, or maybe these are just the stresses of an out of town bride, but everyone has told me that I need to book a reception location basically yesterday. I can't seem to find the right thing. I am looking for something different, open, airy, and preferably with high ceilings. Strange requests...I know.

I've looked at many things online since that is my only resource at the moment and this is much harder than anticipated. Everyone told me to sign up for TheKnot.com so I did. However, they don't have any Fort Wayne resources listed on there. I never thought that planning a wedding for 2010 I wouldn't be able to find EVERYTHING I needed on the Internet. I guess I was wrong.

It amazes me at how many places DON'T have websites. And I'm even amazed at how many do that are not good. I know I'm sounding like a Bridezilla, but lets get real. How many people actually live where they are getting married anymore?!?! And how many of those people don't have jobs and have all the time in the world to drive all over town in search of the perfect place for the special day? Really. I work a full time job and now have to plan a wedding in Fort Wayne.

There are many vendors that have sparked my interest but don't have much for me to go off of before hand. I'm trying to do my research and be prepared, but it's hard when the resources aren't available. Remember, websites will probably improve business and get your name out there. So I'd just like to thank those vendors who DO have websites and who have GOOD websites. They make my life, along with many others, much easier!

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June Hoffman said...

Wonderful post Abby! From a wedding professionals standpoint, your opinions/observations matter greatly. Some of us work dilligently to give our brides and grooms as much information as possible. We realize (just what you said)that many couples are planning their wedding long-distance and have limited time to check out all of what is available in all aspects of wedding planning.

If you need help with information on Officiant or DJ/MC, just let me know. Bridal Academy may not work for your schedule, but the posts are about wedding planning (bridalacademyfw.blogspot.com)
Also, our website is (megasound1.com) and if you need other wedding professionals in Fort Wayne (fwwedconnect.com)
Happy Planning

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