9 Days Later

Wow. So just over 5 days have passed and I've already had a small fight with my mom, I'm now considering eloping, and I'm wondering why we didn't get engaged sooner.

My mom and I had a fight over the guest list. We won't go into details, but lets just say it's just a BIG list. I'm thinking of eloping because I can't find what I want or like in Fort Wayne that will accomodate that many people. And ever since the ring has been on my finger, Mike has been like an entirely different person. He does laundry now, he vacuums, he puts most of his dirty clothes in the hamper. It's weird how all of a sudden he decided to become a helpful person.

Once I get a reception site chosen and booked, I'll be fine again. Until then, I'm going to stress a little. It's weird how this stuff needs to be done immediately. Like last week I didn't have a care in the world and now I need to find a place that can fit between 200-250 people, has high ceilings, is different, and is a good place for a good time! I never thought it would be that hard.

Does anyone have any good ideas???!?! I'm looking into a few places - Bergstaff Place and Salomon Farm options at this point...but it's not looking too promising. Does anyone know of a great piece of land where we could set up a tent and throw a great party next summer? If you do, let me know!

I guess I'll keep looking.

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