Ella - 6 Months

Can you believe Baby Kakes is 6 months old?!
I can't. 

I took some photos of her to mark this milestone. 
I think they turned out ok...

Ella -- 6 Months
  • Can crawl
  • Can climb
  • Can sit up on her own and go to sitting from laying
  • Can stand on own (forever)
  • has 4 teeth (one more has just broken through)
  • is super smiley!
  • Loves her momma!
  • Isn't shy
  • Eats cereal, baby food, bananas
  • Loves Fresh Beat Band and Yo Gabba Gabba
  • Has said Dada
  • Has not said Mama
  • Thinks she can do it all
  • Is a turd sometimes
  • loves baths and the water
  • loves her walks!
  • loves to play with the dogs
  • roams the entire kitchen in her walker
  • is constantly chewing on her hands
  • Loves her Gigi & Gi-Pa
  • Loves her Aunt Lib
  • Is into EVERYTHING 
I love her more than ever...
I'm sure it just keeps growing too...

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