So yesterday I posted about getting your patio ready so that when you are ready to sit out there and sip a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise or drink a beer and watch the sun set, you are ready.  Who am I kidding? I can't see the sun rise or set from my patio... but that's beside the point! 

But while prepping yesterday's post, I came across this picture via Martha Stewart
(more the left side of the picture)

And it got me to thinking...
I could do 4-5 pallets 2 deep and see how that looks...

Here is my side yard...

And yes, this is what it still looks like 3 years later...

How hard would it be to get 8-10 pallets (or make them) and set them out there like a little deck?  I always thought a deck would look brutal out there, but I'm thinking with the right accents ala planters and landscape, it might actually work.  What do you think?

I'm thinking a few pallets, a few cement planters, and maybe a couple of things (unsure what yet) to make sure it's balanced and level but I'm thinking it will work and look adorable!  And be a place to set a table & chairs, a little sandbox for Ells, and get the dogs messes out of my face when I walk out the door!  haha.

Have you thought about working with pallets before?  It got me looking and here are a few other projects I found interesting!

Once the patio is finished, I think this would look great on a table out there! Love me some succulents!


I think this would be a cool addition to a corner I have and am unsure what to do with it!


These would look cute under my TV Stand in the loft... for the innumerable amount of toys that have crept into my house.


Love this... and love the colors too!  What a great idea! 
This would be a cute piece at the garage entry too.


And I'm not sure what it is about these wood accent walls... I am in love! 
I hate panelling, but if it's white I love it and now, I'm in love with these planked walls! 
I think it would look really cool on one wall in our pantry. 


What do you think?  Have you or would you use pallets to decorate spaces of your home? 


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1 comment:

Lisa said...

Those are really cute ideas and I think the pallet patio would look great on the side of the yard you posted the pic of! You should totally do it if you can!

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