New Cup Rack from Second Chancez Marketplace

I've been looking for something to hang my copper mugs on for quite sometime.  They really are just too pretty to be sitting in a cabinet...

I've also had this odd little wall that I've been wanting to do something with... It's in between a window and a  sliding door.  It didn't need anything large, but it needed something.

I had seen these cup racks kind of popping up all over the place...

But they were a bit too large for my space.  

And then my girlfriend added one to her new online shop... Second Chancez Vintage Market

I ordered one immediately. 
It was about half the size of the others I'd seen... so it was perfect!  And the price was just right!

I think they all look better hanging by the handle like below.  

And now I"m off to search for a small 3-drawer dresser to sit underneath it! 

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