This Month's Binge :: Downton Abbey

Dear God Edith!
Why have I not been watching this show all along?! 
Well, I know why -- I missed the first season and then couldn't figure out how to get the show to record b/c they are all named Masterpiece Classics...

But seriously, why did no one MAKE ME WATCH THIS SHOW?!

Being an old soul, it speaks to me.  I love that it's a period piece and have recently been reading more and more about it. 

I successfully watched 5 seasons in a period of 2 weeks -- don't ask how, it's sickening.  I watched it while doing laundry, waiting in traffic, pretty much anytime I wasn't in the shower, the show was on. 

And now I'm caught up to Season 6 (thanks to Amazon Prime) -- The final season and I can watch it in HD on my TV and I'm dying!  It's wonderful! 

Gahh... how will it end and how will I now live without it?!
If you haven't watched it yet, love period pieces, love the antique look, appreciate beautiful architecture and lovely accents, and feel like you are an old soul, you must watch.


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