Spring Cleaning

I am really spring cleaning! 
I am decluttering my house (even more)!
I'm attempting to sell some items!
I can't believe how much STUFF I have in my house!!! 

Here is a good amount of the items I am attempting to sell on Craigslist. 


I have:
  1. A bronze clock and thermometer for patio
  2. Some clothes - Talbots and Eileen Miller shirts and shorts as well as a formal dress from CACHE
  3. Some jewelry display busts
  4. A playstation 2
  5. Some dog sweaters
  6. A wedding Fascinator
  7. A tall silver lamp
  8. A vintage desk
  9. Some Pier 1 pillows
  10. TONS OF CURTAINS -- 7 54in x 84in panels in gold tan color and cream set of curtains
  11. Nicole Miller Queen Bedding Set - Comforter, 2 Shams, and Bedskirt
  12. Canvas Bag
There are also some larger items like these nesting tables.

My ottoman

This coffee table

A bunch of lamps and lampshades

This tray table

And these checked rugs (2)

I can't believe how much "junk" I have in my home!!!  It's unreal!!!  I've been trying to do this forever and I feel like most of the items are decent and I would like to recoup some money from them instead of just sending them to Goodwill because honestly, we could use the money.

I do find it hard to sell things though.  I'm wondering if I need better pictures for a few of the items.  I'm wondering if there are tricks to selling on craigslist.  So far, I've sold 4 items, 2 of which are not on here.  I sold a birdcage that we used at our wedding for cards, one of the checkered rugs, the small desk, and a bag of fabric remnants. 

What are you doing for your "spring cleaning?" 

Getting rid of items? 
Just actually cleaning? 
Having a garage sale? 
Selling on craigslist? 

I'd love to really get rid of a few larger items to make way for a new sectional in our loft!!! 
Wish me luck! 

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