On Lex

This morning when I woke up I was kinda of in shock.  No one extra was in my bed!  No dogs, no baby, no extra crazy pregnancy pillows (yes, I occasionally still use the body pillow just for fun)... It was wonderful.  But as I got up and walked around, I wondered where everyone was. 

Ella was obviously still in her crib!  YAY!!! 
Lou was in his bed with his little schnauzer toy.  This cracks me up.  It's like a web kin toy that is a schnauzer that both my dogs carry around like it's their pet or their baby... either one.  Makes us all laugh. 

And then I came out to our loft area and there he was... My other baby. 

Lexie (at the vet)
My baby boy

Laying on the couch like it was his bed.  All spread out and sleeping sound.  Using a pillow for his head and stretched out over almost the entire length of the sofa.  Wish I had snapped a picture, but he looked so peaceful!  It's not often he's not crowded out by everything going on at our house. 

We got Lex after we'd been dating for six months.  He is a labradoodle that we found in a classifieds ad, I think (can't remember).  He was from an Amish farm and he had a brother Max.  Originally we took both... well, Mr. K's parent's picked him up for us.  We took Lex and they took Max.  Eventually, his parents took Max back. :(  We would have taken him if we had known, but when we found out it was too late. 

He was so small.  You could hold him in one arm.  His legs didn't fit his body... they were long and gangly.  He had a little trot that he did.  He hated water which was weird because he's part lab.  He always wanted to be around us. 

Acting like nothing is wrong with this picture.
"What Mom, I didn't eat those cookies..."

Lex was a stinker.  Ate probably everything I owned... none of Mr K's stuff.  He ate ALL my good shoes, my glasses, my diamond earrings, my pearl earrings, leashes, Frisbees, etc.  We tried really hard to train him.  Certain things took... He's a smart dog... maybe too smart.  He knew we'd give in eventually give in and break down. I still swear to this day that he probably sits in chairs like a human while we are gone.  I swear that he moves chairs to get stuff on the counter and then moves them back.  I swear he can open doors.  Probably not, but really... there are sometimes things I cannot explain...

He's very lovey.  Not as lovey as Louie, but very lovey indeed.  And he was an only child for 3 years.  Then Louie came along and he was not happy about it.  It took a lot of time to adjust.  Then another 3 years later, we threw a baby into the mix.  And while he adores Ella, sleeps outside her nursery, lays down with her on her play mat, gives her kisses, he is totally struggling to get attention.  There's a lot more going on now and he's vying for his turn for love and petting and kisses and cuddling.  Don't worry, he gets it, just not as often as he used to. 

But I'll always see Lex as that little black dog with long gangly legs, a great personality, barely fitting in to his dog bed, whining when we left him so loud you could hear him outside of our apartment down at the car, who loved to chase geese and eat there poop (we always tried to stop him), who ate everything I loved or had put money into or towards, and who has been nothing but loving to us. 

He'll always be my baby boy.

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