Losing It

I am losing it these days in many ways, but I NEED to be losing it in others... like weight! 

Last night I went on a 3 mile walk (a quick one) in between severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings/watches, rain, lightning, thunder, hail, etc.  It got me thinking... although my body hates me the next day when I exercise it felt good.  It usually does. 

So this morning, I downloaded the Lifetime Fitness app that they have to figure out when I can make it to the gym.  Ella is now old enough to go to the gym daycare and you know what, I think I'm ok with that... it wouldn't be for more than an hour anyways!  It's time to get this schedule figure out...

I also was not invited to a practice class that one of my friends is doing and even though I can't do it, I would have wanted to.  I like to say no rather than not be asked at all.  Skating is always getting in the way.

It's time to LOSE IT!

Step One:
Download Gym App so that I know when classes are at different locations.

Step Two:
Figure out schedule to include gym time 3x a week.

Step Three:
Sign Up for any and all 5K, 10K, and Minis that I can from July on. 

Step Four:
Use and Abuse my new walking partner - Julia!

Step Five:

I'm thinking these will be totally achievable!  I've already done step one and part of step three.  Scheduling is a major issue for us so we'll see what happens with that.  I guess even if we go Saturday and Sunday, it will still count. 

I've already signed up for The Color Run  


And The Monumental Mini here in Indianapolis


I'm hoping to get my Fort Wayne Fam to sign up for the Fort 4 Fitness Mini too! 


Maybe I should just try to get back into skating... lol. 

But seriously... I think I'm on the right track...
Bubye 30-40 unwanted L-B-S! 

By the end of summer?  I think I could be down 20.  That's a good starting goal.  End of July would be 6 months from when Ella was born so I think that's a good goal...
Hold me to it!

But seriously, do!  I'll try to blog about my progress once a week and I'll keep track of my miles over at Dailymile.com.

Happy Hump Day!  (FINALLY!)

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