Typical Day In My Crazy Life...

Alarm goes off.

Really wake up.
Who am I kidding...

Get Ready... This usually consists of quickie shower, brush hair, brush teeth.
Figure out what clothes fit and what to wear. 
Skirt and sweater set.
Crap, didn't shave my legs.
Pants and sweater set. 
Where's my badge? I just saw it... I think. 

Leave for work. 
Are my skates in the car?

Drive to work.
Put on Make up.
Grab Starbucks.
I need to be able to teleport to work so I can be more on time.

Arrive at work and get started.
Check emails, work on to-do lists, meetings, etc. 
Catch up on blogs inbetween.
I have so much stuff to do at home.  Did I bring music for skaters?  Did I bring boombox?  Will need to grab batteries for boombox.

Usually just a coffee at Starbucks, but sometimes will meet Mike. 
An hour is over already?  I just got my computer up and running and finally connected to the internet... Crap.

Keep up with emails.
Make sure I get what I need to get done, done.
3:30 can't come fast enough... Finally time to go home to the rink.

Leave work for skating.
Call Mr. K to see how things are going
Not sure why I call him becuase he never answers when I call... NEVER.

Arrive at rink.
Bulk up with jacket and pants and lace up my skates.
Crap, I have to pee. Time for bathroom break?  No probably not...hold it.

First Lesson.
Usually a basic skills skater and on a public session. 
Fend for room on the ice, make sure skater doesn't get injured.
Figure out if music is on so we can practice program over loud speaker. 
Damn, it's not and my batteries are dead in the boom box.  Pretend I didn't know!

4:30pm (still in lesson)
I hope Mr K got Ella today.  Hmmm....?
Check phone.

Second Lesson.
Typically a little higher level, but not by much. 
Was supposed to bring music to pick from... see what's on my phone?!? 
Start new program with uncut music (that could change).
I really don't like that music for her... or anyone... Still need to go to the bathroom.

Third Lesson.
Freestyle... Finally!  Skaters that I still enjoy to watch a little...
Reminisce about how much fun it was when I skated... The memories that we had.  The choices we had to make and sacrifices that came along with those choices. 
Will these kids ever really understand that?  Probably not. 
Work on new routine for Preliminary level skater. 
Ahhh!  I can't remember the last time I got to make up a routine that did not involve dips and two foot hops! Hope she can handle it!  I'm going to make it a great program and hard! Insert evil laugh here.

Fourth Lesson.
Work on spins.  POUND into child's head that she must WAIT on three turn at beginning of spin. 
Work on jumps.  MAKE HER JUMP!  No flat footed, no bending the knee stuff.
Why won't she bend her knees and push through her toes and jump?!?

Sometimes 5th and 6th lessons. 

Finally my sofa baby girl! 
Need to exercise... does walking up and down the stairs a billion times because I keep forgetting things count? 
Eat dinner.  What?  Hmmm... No idea. 
Sit on couch and watch a show from last night.
Look at emails on phone.
See if I can't accomplish stuff on my to do list.  Nope

Bath time for Ella

Bottle and Bedtime for Ella

Ella finally goes into her crib. 

Downstairs say hi to my husband.

Back upstairs
Bedtime for me... hopefully

Sometimes (usually) bedtime gets pushed back to 11 or so... I need to catch up on the emails that have come in from students and other coaches. 

To do list remaining:
Return Emails
List things on EBay
Fold Laundry
Do dishes
Wash bottles
Put rest of groceries away
Schedule Ella pictures
Pack for trip home this weekend

And then it all starts over again...

Is your day as long as mine?

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kelly said...

sweet baby jesus. you are a super woman, abby!! <3

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