Game Plan

Happy Friday Everyone!  We made it!  Can you believe it?!?  I can't!  I'm dying!  I'm exhausted, achy, sneezy, itchy eyes, bloated, etc... I sound like the warning signs they say on those drug commercials.  Great...

But I'm bound and determined, no matter how I feel, starting next week to get going on this whole "let's get back into shape" thought process.  I definitely need to lose at least 30 lbs to feel good again!  Darn baby... Just kidding... I heart her. 

So I sat down and looked at my schedule, Mr. K's schedule, our sitter schedule, and the gym schedule to try to come up with a "Game Plan."  And I did just that... I think it's very ambitious... maybe too ambitious, but we are going to try it.  I'm sure I'll have headaches out the wazoo from extreme exhaustiveness, but they can't last forever, right? 

Here it is...

Skating starts to slow down in May, June, July.  Especially for me because I work during the day and a lot of sessions for summer skating are when I'm working. 

Mondays I do not have skating, but Mr. K usually has lessons.  So I have to come home from work to get Ells.  There aren't any good classes at the gym on Monday night so I'll be running outside with Ells or running on a treadmill at the gym.  Our gym has a daycare facility so I figure she can handle going there for an hour 3x a week. 

Tuesdays I teach Learn to Skate so I get home a little later.  Mr. K also does a hockey clinic that night at the same rink, but later in the evening.  I typically meet him at home to takeover with Ells and then he leaves for his thing.  I'm thinking once I get home, I can head over to the gym or he can meet me there instead of at home.  Strike is the class that I'll be taking. Love it.  I've done it before - Way long ago before I was pregnant.  It's a kick-boxing inspired workout where you wear weighted gloves and a bar to get a full body workout. 

Wednesdays I teach after work until about 7:30p.  Needless to say I think this will be a day off.  I get home just in time to eat, put Ells to bed, and then get up and do it all over again.  If I feel like it, I'll do my 20 min Windsor Pilate's DVD on these days.  If I feel like it...

Thursdays I do not teach currently.  I may pick up a class, but I don't have one at the moment.  So for May at least, I'll be able to catch Strike after work.  I'll run home and grab Ells and we'll head on up to the gym.  Then I'll have the whole evening off and still be home by 7p. 

Fridays are another long skating night.  I work until at least 7:15p.  However, I need to get something in on Friday nights so I'm hoping to throw in a quick 30 min run.  I'd like to do 3 miles every time I run, but I'll have to work up to that.  I did sign up for that mini this fall and will likely begin training for that somewhat this summer.  I need new shoes...

Saturdays and Sundays I'll play by ear.  It would be nice to get up early on those days and go for a run too, but I don't want to burn myself out.  I think the work girls are getting together for a run the 2nd Saturday of every month so I know I'll do that, but outside of that I think I'll pick one day or the other. 

I have to get back in shape.  Momma gotta lose these love handles and get back into her skinny jeans... and by skinny jeans I mean the jeans I wore two years ago when I was skinny - like wedding skinny. 

Anyone else want to jump on the bandwagon?  I think I'll start a link up... beginning next week.  Every Monday I'll have a link party to share your stories of success on exercise, dieting, weight loss, healthy eating, etc... Anything related to getting fit or becoming more healthy!  That ought to be fun!  So tell your friends and please come back Monday to see the linky party! 

Until then, enjoy your weekend.  It's supposed to be stormy here so I've got the closet cleaned out again... for those Tornado moments... Ugh.  TGIF!

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