My {New} Easy Peasy Pantry Bench

I have something to share!!!  Yay!

After an entire evening of working on loose ends, preparing for the weekend, and taking a lot of pictures, I think I'm ready to be caught up and get back to bloggin'!

Remember how I've been saying that I needed a new bench for my pantry?  And I'd been looking everywhere for one?  But I wanted one with character and not just a typical PB bench (even though that would have been fine and I'm sure I could have found one of those)...???  No?  Well, I've been saying it for a while... and looking for a while...

Well, one day I was cleaning up the pantry -which is still a hot mess - and I was looking at it thinking that I needed more room to the left of it for my cleaning items i.e. mops, brooms, vacuums.  But I had an old green storage bin thing that I had found at an old antique store when we first moved in.  It was a steal at $25.  Love it. 
*Wouldn't you know it, I have ZERO pictures of the bin before we got started in it's original state*
Moving on....

One day while passing through the pantry, it hit me!  That old wood railroad shelf could be a bench, right?  Let's just try it on it's side.  I'm ashamed to say that it stayed in the same spot from the time I bought it until just a couple of weeks ago when this idea hit me.  I can't believe I did not think of this before.  And the bad blogger that I am, did not get a picture of it laying on it's side in position either... oops!  I must do better!

This is the best I have...
And please do not judge the state of the garage... it's on my list.
But these things cost $$$ people!

I enlisted the help of Mr. K.  He stays home one day a week with Ella so one day when he was out and about with her, he picked up some legs at Lowe's.  We thought we needed a little height.  He grabbed 5 legs and 5 silver plates and last night we started to do this easy peasy project! 

First screw the pates on in the corners. 

The legs screw into the plates and it looks like this.

And after about 15 minutes of screwing the plates in and twisting the legs on, I had a new bench.
A new bench with character! 
And a one of a kind!

I love that it allows for functional storage as well as offers up a place to set the car seat, new buys, groceries, or Ella when she gets old enough!

And the writing on the top is my favorite!

I am in love.

And I can't believe how easy it was!  Seriously. 
Now... to paint the legs a funky color?!?  Hmmm...

Funny how my pantry has changed over the years though...

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

And why does it always look like winter at our house?!? 
Oh... that's because we always need winter coats for skating... boo.

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