New Favorite Baby Thing & Sneak Peak

Wednesday night Gigi came over - That's my Grandma and Ella's Great Grandma.  Gigi LOVES to buy for Ella...probably more that Gram Tam (Ella's Grandma).  Anyways, I sent her on a little trip to a children's boutique owned by a friend of a friend.  It's actually called Piper Children's Boutique.  My friend Stacey is best friends with the owner, Piper.  I've never been in and am quite frankly a little scared to go... too many cute things!  I live vicariously through their facebook page and constant updates on what they've got in! 

Stacey bought Ella this outfit... LOVE IT!

And the materials is stretchy and soft!  But then just saw this on their website... might have to finally make the trip in to buy this cutie! 

I sent Gigi to Piper's for a specific item.  I saw this little nuk attached to a giraffe on their facebook page last week and knew it was a done deal!  Ella must have one! 

It's called a Wubbnub. They come in all different kinds - dogs, elephants, lambs, bears, and more.  And they are the best thing EVER!!!  Ella has just recently become obsessed with burp clothes and so this is a way to have something soft and "suckable" for lack of a better word AND has a pacifier stuck to it.  No more losing the bink!  Love it!  And so does she!  It's like her little friend.  So now she has wubbanub and Sophie (another must have). 

Now for the sneak peak...
Look what I've been doing this past week...

Can you figure out what room it is?!? 
More this weekend if I can, but definitely Monday! 

Happy Friday!
Enjoy yourselves!  It's going to be lovely here so I hope it is where you are too!

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