Another Gallery Wall...

Last weekend at my mom's house she put me to work. 

She's been asking me to help her with "her pictures" for a while now.  We attempted a few weeks back, but we did not have pictures or enough frames.  So then, instead of working on the layout, we ordered the pictures she wanted so she could get that ready until I came back again. 

Well, that time had come.  It was 8pm at night when we started and we didn't get finished until about 12am.  Ugh.  I know.  Ella and Mr. K slept on the couch while we finished.

We started with ALL the frames she had.  That was a lot!  And only a handful did not have pictures so I put them in just figuring she could find a picture to use later whatever the layout of that frame may end up.  We laid them out across the living room floor. 

We did this a couple of times and then this is what we ended up with. 

Once she gave the go ahead on the layout, we went to the wall.

Now, I will say that I'm not much for measuring.  I'm more of an eyeballer if I do say so myself.  My mom?  OCD.  Seriously.  Well not seriously, but might as well be.  So, for her sake, I did measure a few things, and used small nails in case we had to redo any holes. 

Here's half the wall...

And here's one my mom sent me of the entire wall...

Don't you love the tags on all the pictures?!?  That's my favorite. 

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