Crate & Barrel Catalog Faves

I'm a sucker for catalogs.  I pretty much sign up for all of them.  Even if I don't like them, I like to look through them and say I don't like them.  My favorites are the likes of Ballard Designs, West Elm, IKEA -- usually furniture ones.  I like Crate & Barrel too -- and land of nod if they'd ever send me one... I've seen friends. 

And with all the switchover in the seasons happening they are flooding into my inbox.  So when I saw Crate & Barrel's latest on the entry table the other day I took it to bed with me and perused it before I went to sleep.  Best part?  The front is labeled "Modern Farmhouse," every girls dream, right?  You had me at Farmhouse CB! 

I fell in love with this galvanized table.  I wish I had a bigger home so that I could use one of these!  I've had a table like this on my list F O R E V E R!

Then there were these lights... Yes, just about all of them.  They are just lovely.  The different colors and tones... and shapes!  Swoon...

And this rug might soon be making it's way to my entryway!  Anyone have a Crate & Barrel coupon?!  And Crate & Barrel, I'd love to write a review for you!!!  Wink Wink! But seriously, the colors are awesome and so is the texture!

I love love love these chairs!  I have no where in my current house for them, but in my "Modern {Dream} Farmhouse" they'd work just fine.

Then there's these beautiful chairs/stools that would look kinda cool around my new island that I'm working on... Did I tell you about that?  Ok, well I'm working on it... but until I have all the things I need for it, it'll remain a semi-secret (unless you follow me on instagram {@lmmblog} and then you might have seen sneaks of it).  But I just love the industrial look of them... they are hard, but soft too! 

The chairs I'd possibly use around my table... maybe... but definitely in my "Modern {Dream} Farmhouse."

So there are my favorites... All these pictures were taken straight out of the catalog so all credit for the pictures goes to Crate & Barrel.  I've seen other bloggers do this before so I hope it's ok! 

But I'm thinking I'll be seeing you soon CB for that beautiful rug that will compliment my other new rug that's in the same space...

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