-- DIY Watch Me Grow Stickers --

OK, so I've been drooling over these stickers from Picky Sticky! 

No, I don't have a baby.  But I am going to a baby shower tomorrow!  Yea!  And I saw them used over at Young House Love for their little one to track her growth. 

Well, being the procrastinator that I am, I waited to long to order them and the more I looked at them, the more I thought... I could do that.  Usually when I say this it is followed by a "Yea, Right!"  But not this time.  So I started....

I just used paint on the computer to do it.  Buy Sticker paper to use... or iron on transfer paper... whichever you'd like to do.  Make a circle.  Add a text box.  Add a little design if you want... And Voila!  Here are what I came up with... I did 12 months for my friend and will be giving them to her at the shower and I also threw in on the group gift in case she hates them... But I think they turned out cute! 

For my first time doing it, I think they turned out pretty cute!  And they are actually very affordable to do! 

I had to buy the sticker paper at $9.94 each - needed 2 because they come in sheets of 5 and of course I needed 6.  It's like hot dogs and hot dog buns... this always makes me think of Father of the Bride. 

And the ink of course, but other than that, they were all homemade! :)

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mskanorado said...

Homemade stuff is always better than the store bought stuff! :) These are darling! Good job!

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