-- My Ideal Holiday --

Would be on a beach in Tahiti somewhere....
HAHA... right! 

No, really I was thinking about this the other day. 

It would be with family.
We'd attend a very merry midnight mass.
We'd go volunteer somewhere Christmas morning... probably a soup kitchen. 
We'd "sponsor" a family that couldn't afford to have Christmas and
get them all the best things!  

We'd all dress in holiday pajamas....
We'd eat until we were stuffed... and somehow donate the leftovers<-- Is this weird?  I just feel like so much is usually wasted because we can't eat it all.  
We'd drink and sing karaoke and EVERYONE would get up on the mike. 

Doesn't this sound like fun?  Does to me. 
It's all about traditions...

Holiday Pajamas 2009
What's up with the scrunched up face Mike?!
Can't wait to figure the rest of mine out, but for now we'll continue with the exchange of holiday pajamas on Christmas Eve and kissing under the mistletoe. 


mskanorado said...

Loving your current traditions! :) I'm starting to think we will have more traditions once we have little ones running around!

kelly said...

it all sounds pretty ideal!
i'm totally down for some christmas karaoke!

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