-- Hanging My Stockings --

I finally pulled out all the holiday decor to put around the house.  After moving the entire living room around to make a place for my stockings, I put everything right back to where it was.  I even tried to change out tables and lamps to make way for the usual place that I hang my stockings...

Stocking setup 2009
This year we got the new (well new to me) wing back chair which sits up higher along the ledge I usually hang them on.  I also used to have a lower sitting table which I think made this ledge ideal...

Well, not this year. 

Here's how they ended up.  I'm not completely satisfied but what are you going to do?  I thought about hanging them from the stair banister which I've always loved at other houses, but I felt I needed garland to put all the way up and I didn't have any extra.  I will continue to look. 

I choose to only use my two folksy stockings from Garnet Hill this year.  My two knit stockings are on the end, but I think I might take them down altogether. 

What do you think?

Above is a picture of my mom's mantle this year... Yes, that is a deer head and No, it's not staying there... at least I hope it's not still up when we get home.  It was a joke for my dad.  Although, knowing him, he probably loved it and it probably is still up.  I think he's cute with the elf hat.  :)

Don't forget to join the link party here - Show Me Your Stockings!  It ends tomorrow... and look for the giveaway winner to be announced on Monday along with another giveaway!  :)

Happy (Snowy here) Weekend Blog Hogs!

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mskanorado said...

Well I think it looks alright! They are less noticeable than in the earlier photo but I dont thats the end of the world. What If you put the wing back chair under the gold colored wall hangings to the left and put your stockings where you always have had them? Even if the placing of the chair was not ideal, it only has to be that way for a month - right? :-)
Good luck! Oh and I like the dear and agree with you on the elf hat! Hehe

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