Nursery Reveal

Now that my baby is three weeks old, it's probably time to reveal the nursery. 
It's actually probably a little late, so sorry.

I decided that I wanted to try to take some decent pictures, but this is all I came up with! 

Here's the changing and storage area of the room.  The dresser you may remember we found on Craigslist and then refinished it white.  It actually works out really well because it's on the smaller side.  Anything bigger would have looked silly and probably not fit. 

The bookcase is from Ikea.  That was a fun project with Mr. K.  Ikea furniture has a way about causing tiffs.  Not bad ones, just frustrated because the instructions are not clear tiffs.  Oh well.  This is the perfect piece for in here.  We have toys in the bottom baskets from Ikea, diapers in the plum baskets which we got at Meijer, and books and accessories on the other shelves.  It works great!

On top of the bookcase, I have an elephant lamp that I found at an antique shop with a new shade from Target.  The Lambchop is to represent my sister in the room as that was her favorite show growing up.  Then there are a few other items up there like the leftover buttons from the Cute as a Button baby shower and the invitation as well as a Peek-A-Boo bear from Gigi (Great Grandma).

Here's a shot of the wall where you walk in.  The DIY Mobile works perfectly over the changing pad.  I really like the color that it brings to this side of the room.  The mirror was painted teal (previously brown) and was found at Wal-Mart.  The button was from the baby shower and was given a new coat of white (and might get another coat come spring) to blend into the room better. 

The wall over the crib is probably one of my favorite parts of the room.  We have some baby animals up there, some funny sayings, some lyrics to songs, a picture of Mr. K and I, a sonogram picture of Baby Kakes and some bunting that I made using a template found on Aubrey and Lindsay's blog.  I am in love with the bunting and although not all the colors are right, it still works! 

There's also a little rhinoceros that I purchase off of etsy and a picture that says "cute" made by my mom and Ella's Gram Tam.

Here's the rocking and reading corner.  I absolutely love how my rocker turned out and ended up giving us a little more texture due to the subdued patterned fabric. 

Chair was found on craigslist and I was lucky enough to find this perfectly matching teal table at Target for sitting next to the chair.  It works so well and looks great next to the chair and the curtain from Urban Outfitters.

You can also see in the closet a bit.  It turned out great!  Love it! 

I know it's not a great picture, but there is an antique frame from my great grandmother in there that I repainted teal and a wicker child's rocker which is also teal in there.  This can be a sort of mini-playroom... I hope...to help keep the clutter down. 

This is Ella's outfit display wall.  I figure this will be nice to select outfits or just for fun!  The hooks came from Urban Outfitters and the shown tutu and onesie are from friends! 

So there you have it. 

Look for cost breakdown next week! 
I tried to keep it on the cheap, but that's always easier said than done...
We'll see how I did. 

Happy Weekend Everyone!


laxsupermom said...

Love her nursery! The gallery wall is just gorgeous, and I love how you've sprinkled pops of color throughout the room! Thanks for sharing.

samaa said...

What a sweet space! I just ordered a very similar crib, maybe even the same one. And love how your rocker turned out, what a great deal!

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