Mondays with Martha { Valentine's Day }

Some Valentine's Day ideas from the lovely Martha. 

Who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries?  And these really are pretty easy to make!


I am loving these dried cranberry shortbread hearts.  They look delicious.  Mr. K could be seeing these tomorrow... just so I can eat them! 


I think we tried to make these last Valentine's day.  But who cares?!?  Don't they look and sound delicious?!?  Molten Mocha Cakes.


And here's a really easy "cheat" for the evening... Brownie Hearts.  All you need is some brownie mix and a heart shaped cookie cutter!  Martha makes her brownies from scratch, but cheating is ok sometimes!


And just because I was looking... here are some cookies I will be trying to make soon!

Pinned Image
Martha Stewart Snickerdoodles

Strawberry-Shortcake Cookies
Martha Stewart Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Any big plans for Valentine's Day?

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