Happy 2nd Anniversary

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Mr. K and I!

We made it... We made it... oh we Made it Yeah!  (sing it like the Dora Song "we did it") 

Yes, that's where we are in our lives now.  Baby times...

2 years later we:

*Still live in the same house
*Still have Lex and Lou
*Have Baby Kakes
*I still work in the same job
*Mr K is still doing hockey

Basically we live the same life...
Yep, we are overachievers I know. 
But the last two years have been a whirlwind of events! 

Remember how we spent our last anniversary?
I see this one going in the similar direction.
Mr. K has hockey.  Until 10.  Boo.

So, we are probably going to have a home cooked meal and go to bed!  Good times...

And Mr. K, just so you know...
Since I'm no good at writing sappy lovey things...
I love you to the moon and back.

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