Weight Watchers... Again... & Recipes

Does baby weight just hang around on everyone?! 
It seems like it's not going anywhere for me...
Actually, I feel like I've gained weight aside from the baby weight.

So since that is the case, I figure I better REALLY do something about it. 

And when I saw a Weight Watchers promotion at Shop At home - sign up for $1 and earn $7 cash back, I figured it was a sign. 
Side Note - I love Shop At Home.  It's wonderful!

So I'm on the Weight Watchers train (again) and I'm hoping to be the new Jennifer Hudson... Yeah right!  I wish!  But yes, I have tried this before.  I tried it with my mom, but I'll be frank with you... I suck at diets.  They make me more hungry than normal and I always want things I shouldn't have.  I guess that's the point of a diet, but I enjoy food.  Which is why I chose this again because I will be able to eat, just not as much.

I'm going to work hard and I'm going to lose this weight if it takes me forever.  I feel uncomfortable, my clothes don't fit right, I only have a few things that I can fit into, and I'm just sick of being large.  I felt so good leading up to and even after my wedding.  To get back down below 150 would be wonderful!  I think that's my starting goal, but my real "ever-after" goal is to get down to 135/140. 

Aside from just Weight Watchers, I'm making myself do some-sort of activity every night. It can be running, a long walk with Ella, or my 20 min Windsor Pilate's (that makes me sweat), but it has to be something. 

My motivation:

1. I'll feel better!
2. I'll feel better!
3. I'll buy myself new clothes!
4. I'll look good in my new clothes!
5. It's good for me!

And... we might start to eat as vegetarians too, just to try to "health" up our eating...
Although, don't worry, I bought coney dogs to make this week!  Probably eat up all my points in one sitting!

But, instead of worry about that right now, I'm going to share some of my favorite found recipes from the website thus far!

Image of Grilled, Stuffed Jalapenos
1 Pepper = 1 Point! 

Image of beef nachos
4 Nachos = 3 points
Easily a good dinner!

Caramel Cappuccino Shake
5 points

Angel Hair Pasta with Eggplant Tomato Sauce
6 points per 1.5 cups

Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli
7 points per serving

So maybe it won't be that bad...

Even Chili Dogs are only 6 points... a lot less than I thought!
Chili Dogs

Happy Fat Tuesday!

*all pictures are from Weight Watchers*

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