Revisiting Home Goals 2012 - Progress?

Ok, so it's been 6 months now and I'd like to share what has happened at our house since January! 
Basically a whole 'lotta nothing. 

I've been working on decluttering my life. 


Goals were to build in banquette and paint cabinets. 
Progress...  None.
New picture though... (could be the same, but it isn't)

Living room
Goals were to get new floors (hardwood), add new furniture, and redo current furniture to work better in there. 
Progress... Some. 

I've changed the furniture layout, but not really much else.  I'm working on getting a new sofa table and I have an idea of something to around the TV and I'm hoping it works!

And let's not judge the baby blanket.

I am still really in love with this idea (below) that I posted back with my goals. But for now, the pack and play must stay... could possibly move.

Goals were to CLEAN UP and declutter!  Check and check!  Well, I've done a lot to the loft as far as "getting rid" but there are still many decorating things to come. 

Progress... Some.

We painted, sold the ottoman, ikea chair, and bookcases.  We'll keep the current sofa until we can get the sectional I want up there.  I'm probably going to reuse a current furniture piece as the TV stand and we'll redo the current "pink" chair in a coordinating fabric... once I get it all together.  But, it does look A TON better than before! 

Master Bedroom
Goals... A lost cause!
I hate our bed, dressers, end tables, everything!  None of it works! 
Progress... Some.

I've rearranged it back to how it was previously and have repainted it to a gray pottery barn color.  I think the blacks work better with this color, but I want to get an upholstered bed/headboard,new dressers, and a chaise for by the windows.  I also want to do new art in there... I think all black and white pictures would look neat in a gray room...

Oh, to have this room....

Or this one...

So anyways, there's the not much progress.  Remember, we did have a baby in February so we've done a decent amount I think for the time frame (not really, but I'll keep telling myself that). 

Still on the decor to do list:

Kitchen -
Paint Cabinets
Add light fixture

Living Room -
Art behind TV
New Sofa Table
New Floors

Loft -
New Sectional
Paint TV Stand
Reupholster "pink" chair

Our Room -
Upholstered Headboard
New Dressers
New Art
Repaint bedside tables

Off to do some work...

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christine said...

Its a good idea to change the light fixtures. Even that could make a whole lot of difference in the room.

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