2012 Recap -- 12 in Twelve

A Year in Family Pictures

Monthly Review

Baby Kakes is born.
Very first FAMLY photo. 
I look like crap, but I don't think that's the biggest deal in this picture!  
Ella is!  

Baby is shown off.
Had a big family shindig which we called the Ella Meet & Greet.
It was a ton of fun and she was very cooperative and stylish in her pink leopard PJs.

Open your eyes Mr K.
Nothing really to say about this picture except that due to a bad storm this GORGEOUS tree has now beens chopped down.  Woamp Woamp.

Most stressful wedding of my life -- I couldn't figure out what to wear.  I think I look awful, but Ella and her shoes were the hit of the party so I'm ok with that.  It was her first time to meet most of the Kellermeyer side.

Photo shoot.
I had Ella's pictures taken by Rylee Madison Photography. 

Color Run.
First Family 5K.  It was very fun.  We got Ella sunglasses and a stroller cover. 
She loved it!

Family Picnic.
It was a Gorgeous Day at Forest Park.

Pumpkin Patch.
Family Fun Time at the pumpkin patch before they closed everything up and kicked us out.

St. Louis Budweiser Plant Tour.
(sorry we are so small - not sure what's up with that)
Probably not appropriate for a baby, but it was fun and I think she enjoyed the Clydesdales. 
We, of course, enjoyed the free beer at the end.

Free Family Pictures -- JCP.
Best Picture of Mike and I.
Ella had better, but I am selfish.

Family Dinner with Cheeeeeeeese.
Just another night out with my grandparents.
Clearly I have a goofball on my hands.

Last Picture of 2012 Technically, but I"m counting as January 2013.
And technically our entire family is in this picture as Louie is under the chair.  Lex is very stoic don't you think? 
Wish we could get "cheeeeeese" on demand. 

This was a fun thing for Ella -- Look how much she's changed. 
It's kind of nice for me too, although I can't say that much has changed for Mr K & I.

Onto the next 12 in Twelve.

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