Saying Goodbye To 2012

Well Well well... It was one heck of a year...

There have been great moments, exciting happenings, struggles, and lots and lots of travel! 
And alas... it's finally coming to an end.

While I'm a bit scared for what 2013 will hold, I'm hoping it can't be any worse than the struggles we struggled through in 2012!  We can only go onward and upward, right?!?

Top 12 in 2012

1. Ella was born!

2. I got to take some time off work to be with her.
3. Mike got a new coaching position.

4. We put over 20K miles on my car!

5.  Ella said Dada.

6.  Ella walked.

7.  We completed 12 in 12 with a little fudging... Will share soon...

8.  We completed our first 5K as a family.  That was really fun.

9.  I quit coaching skating... a huge milestone for me and our family as it gave me time to be home with Ella.  I miss "my girls" terribly and have seen them skate a few times over the last couple months with competitions and such, but I do miss it.  What I don't miss about it is the politics of it and the other nasties that come along with the skating world.... This was a good decision. 

10.  I sold over $5500 of Stella & Dot this year, my best year yet!  Which gave my family a much needed extra $1500! 

11.  Ella saw her first snow and loved it!

12.  We made it through!!! 

Happy New Years to Everyone! 
Wishing you a very bright 2013!!! 

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