Living Room Art

There are some things around my house that need a fixin'.  Some MAJOR things...
Like my entryway. 

This table is going to go, but since that's not in the current budget, I will just have to make due.
But, it does need art.  It needs something interesting, large, and exciting.
I don't want same old...

Here's the blank entry wall...

Then to the immediate right of my front door, I have this little corner.  It's feeling neglected.  And not to mention lop-sided. 

It needs something or nothing... I haven't decided yet. 
I might decide once I get my Look For Less West Elm lamp in place. 

And these are the correlating frames and art that go with the one in the corner, turned on their sides.  However, I'm not sure I like the brown anymore, not to mention the prints.  They were a good buy about five years ago off of Etsy but I think it's time for updating.

And then there's my sunburst mirror collage over the sofa.  I kind of love it although I think it needs a couple other mini mirrors.  It also causes confusion for the rest of the wall in between the sliding patio doors and the last mirror on the left and the other corner opposite the first one I showed you.

And soon I will give you a full living room update (one day when it's actually clean)! 
But for now, the big stump area is the entryway and it's what I'm most concerned with...

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