DIY Napkin Pom Poms for FREE

With E's birthday party coming up, I'm tackling a project just about every night.

And with the budget being extremely tight these days, I was grasping at straws for decor ideas that were on the cheap!  So when I came across a huge set of pink dessert napkins I thought they could surely be used for something! 

So... Here's what I did:

I read somewhere that about 10 sheets of paper were good for the poms so I unfolded 10 napkins and laid them out on the floor -- Sorry for the carpet background!

Then I folded them accordion style until I ran out of napkin to fold. 
Most of the directions I found said to use floral wire in the middle but I couldn't find mine so I used the twine I had on hand. 

The theme is Shabby Chic Dollhouse Tea Party -- confused much?!? 
It started as a Doll/Dollhouse theme, but really it's just because there's a dollhouse so we got a little confused in the middle...

Then you just start to pull apart the layers. 

Mine are not perfect by any means, but they worked for $0.0 and will hang just like any other pom from the ceiling. 

Can't wait to get them all up! 
I made 6 pink poms these sizes, 3 large white poms, and 2 teal different kinds I bought at the Dollar Store in their Easter decor section.

I'm getting excited! 

And tomorrow I'll be sharing my DIY cake stand experience!  We shall see how that goes...

*Tomorrow is the last day to shop for my Go Red Fundraiser -- I'm still wearing my Red Leather Wrap.  Hoping to send a check of at least $50... :)

*Tomorrow is also the last day to enter the giveaway for the Izzy Little Girls Set or at $25 Stella & Dot gift card -- super easy ways to enter!  Don't forget!  So far only 1 person is entered -- It's looking good for them! 

*I challenged my husband to host a Stella & Dot show and to get 5 orders by tomorrow as well -- are you sensing a theme here?  But in return he will get to go to his SUPER HUGE, SUPER EXPENSIVE coaching clinic in June if he does!  Wish him luck or help him out here.

Happy Hump Day!


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