Attempted DIYs for 2013

I'm filling my calendar with parties, projects, and just plain anything that will keep me busy!  Baby Kakes & Mr K are in there somewhere too!  In between the Jewelry Parties, Birthday Parties, and Hockey Tournaments, I will find time to do the below projects! 

I think the key to keeping myself on track is keeping myself busy!  So with that said, here are the below projects I will tackle and share with you!  Don't judge that most of the tutorials listed are from 2 places -- Kate, I swear is a long lost friend I've never met and Sherry is just plain awesome! 

Dessert Stands

cg pink orange dessert stands

First of all I will probably be attempting these sometime soon!  I believe they might (1) be necessary for Baby Kake's Birthday Bash and (2) they would look lovely on top of my cabinets as decoration... in the right colors...

Framed Ferns

fern art on wall cg

I've always loved this idea, but never really known how to do it other than printing out a fern print... and here she be!  A great easy DIY on how to actually frame REAL ferns!  I love it... the only thing I wonder about is their ability to last.  Guess we shall see... And I need to figure out a place they could go. Hmmm...

Sisal Rope Bowl

rope bowl by kate

This is a must do!  It looks easy, although I'm sure my attempts will be crooked or my glue always seems to get the best of me.  I do think this would be a nice accent in a couple of places AND I've seen it done and would love to try on a laundry basket. 

Faux Bois Vases

winter white faux bois vases cg
 I've attempted hot glue on glass before and did not have GREAT results... they were OK, and my mother still loves the one vase I attempted, but I was 8.5 months pregnant at the time so I'll give myself another chance.  Plus, I love the fact that they painted these after.  Perfect for mantles (of which I do not have).

No Sew Napkin Pillow Covers


These I will probably just attempt to make with all the fabric I have accumulated all over my house... I've done them before, but mine looked floppy... a floppy that I like, but new attempts with new instructions might make for better cases! 

Organizing Garage


Imagine this 3x worse... Our garage is a combination of storage, DIY hoarders, Hockey Hoarders, and Trash.. yes, I said it... trash. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to our garage... we need help! Once it gets nice, I'm going to tackle this. I will look for cabinets, shelving, organizational keys, anything and everything to help!

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

I think this one I might tackle with the Rustoleum packages that they sell now... I can do my bathrooms first and see how it goes -- I'm thinking this is the best way for us...


This is happening this summer... we might tackle some issue spots, move some things around, and just overall beautify the landscaping of our home... Our bricks will get a face lift and we need to figure out something for the side of our house.  BHG has some great landscaping plans, ideas, and tips... This is all on me and my green thumb (only for outdoor plants... I recently killed a cactus inside). 

I think by spreading these out, I will accomplish them more easily... We shall see...
Starting small and working my way to the big projects. 

Wish me luck!


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